Friday, November 23, 2007

Sony STR-DG510 HDMI Receiver

Well, I woke up early this morning to participate in the Black Friday Holiday Shopping Frenzy. I came up empty handed at Fry's and Circuit City because by 6AM, there were over 500 people ahead of me waiting in line to go into the store. So, I decided to make a quick run to Best Buy and sure enough they had a line earlier but not it had discipated and I was able to walk right in. Many of the items I was hoping to get was no longer available. But, I came across a Sony Receiver which I was looking to upgrade from my 5+years old Sony Receiver with no HDMI connection. Black Friday price $100!!! Wow, it can be! But there were more than a dozen available right on the show floor without having to wait in line to get a sales associate to get it for me. I quickly grabbed one under my arm and proceeded to the cashier line. I will post a review in a couple of months after I tested the receiver thoroughly.

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