Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monster Cable Home Theater PowerCenter Surge Protector with Clean Power Stage 2 v.2.1 Circuitry

Well, you probably heard people say once you upgrade in one area, you'll end up upgrading exponentially to other things as well. From my previous posts, I purchased a Blu-Ray player and a new receiver last week. Only to realize that I'm not maximizing the potential of my AV Theater system because I don't have a electrical power conditioner to filter noise and produce clean powe to my Blu-Ray player and receiver.

I was little skeptical for the longest time. I thought it was just a ploy for sales people to get me to spend more of my hard earn money. They kept saying that I made a large purchase of a Hi-Def TV last year, and I need to protect it and give it the cleanest power so that I can get the best picture. "You bought the chicken, you might as well pay for the teriyaki source as well." I thought how can that be? But sure enough, I succumbed to the notion and got a Monster MT 1600 because I got a 10% discount coupon from Circuit City in my email inbox. I just love their instore pickup when I complete my shopping and transaction online. It speed up my shopping and research and I also make sure they have it in stock. And if not, I can go to another store that has it in stock. Any way, I did notice better picture quality because I notice there are less grain and clearer and crisper image with less "ghosting" effect especially 1080i sports broadcast (NBA Laker games). Circuit City $299.95 - 10% ($30) = $269.95

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