Friday, December 15, 2006

The Silver Beaver Award! Finally!

I just got a call from Huber who sits in the Silver Beaver Award review committee. He gave me the good news that I'll be one of the 2007 Silver Beaver Award Recipient. Wow, that's really good news because I've been working hard as BSA leader for the past 17 years, and finally I being recognized by the San Gabriel Valley Council.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nathalie and Ronald Zuletta Engagement Photos

I had the pleasure of photographing Nathalie and Ronald Zulette today at the famous USC Campus. Even though USC was upset by the Bruins yesterday, things are quite quiet on campus. We had a great shoot because they are such a lovely couple and so photogenic.

How they found me is through their brother-in-law Terry Chan! Yes, there's another Terry Chan out there and he was my client. They were so happy with my wedding photography service for Terry, they decided to hire me as well for their wedding in Feb 17, 2007.

They actually hired another wedding photographer but she filed bankruptcy and had to give them bad news late November. Needless to say they also lost their deposit with her. When I heard that, I thought "WOW!". I never thought that a wedding photographer can do something like that. It had not occurred to me that our clients put a lot of trust into us when they signed the check and on the dotted line.

Well, all I can say is that it's unfortunate that it happened to these nice people. I'm looking forward to photographing them because they are so photogenic together, and they are such nice people. I enjoy my work so much more when I'm working with nice people. After all, I'll be spending many hours with them. That's always a bonus for me. :-)