Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holiday Pictures and Holiday Greeting Cards

Now that Summer is almost over, it's time to prepare for the Winter Holidays! You might say that you still have plenty of time but it's really just around the corner. To have holiday greeting cards available to you by Thanksgiving weekend, we are currently scheduling family photo sessions starting September 15, 2007.

Please take advantage of our holiday photo session promotion and discounts. You'll save a bundle of $$ and at the same time capturing a special family portrait and preserving it forever. Kids grow up so fast. In a blink they're grown and off on their own to college, pursuing a career, starting their own family. Special moments like these only happen once in a life time. Wouldn't it be great to preserve these moments forever by having top quality photos framed and placed on your mantle, bookshelf, desk, etc.

Give us a call today! Our limited promotional photo packages are filling up very quickly.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Epson Stylus 3800 Printer! Yeah Baby!

Since, I forgot to enter in the PhotoshopUserTV weekly contest a couple of weeks ago, which Scott Kelby and his crew offered as a Photoshop Trivia contest prize... I had to purchase one myself. (Bummer! And for once, I knew the answer to the contest question.) I'll need it for my annual onsite photo printing event at Truckin' For Kids next month. (Stay tuned, I will write more about this event next week)

Our much anticipated Epson Stylus 3800 printer arrived today. I heard and read many great reviews for this printer since last December. At around $1200.00 (Street Price) it has all the goodies in the "big brother" Epson 4800 printer, (which we purchased a couple of years ago) wrapped up in a smaller package.

We considered purchasing the RIP software along with this printer from LexJet since we had such a great experience with our Epson 4800 printer. However, we wanted to test the capability of the 3800 printer by itself. Surprisingly, I was able to print a couple of 8x12 images with no user intervention (color correction and management). In fact, I didn't even bother to download the icc profile of the LexJet eSatin paper. The print came out of the printer @ 2880 dpi in less than 6 minutes, and I have to say the quality is awesome. There were details in the dark shadow area. The Epson UltraChrome K3 inks really "kicked-butt". I can't wait to do a couple of prints in Black & White, and Infrared Black & White. Stay tune, and I'll write more about this printer in the weeks to come.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Krista & Karl Wendt Wedding Album

Beth & Jesse Chapman Wedding Album

Photoshop World 2007 - Las Vegas

I’m getting a little anxious right around this time of the year because it’s only 2 weeks away from Photoshop World in Las Vegas. I always have a great time at Photoshop World ever since March 2004 in San Francisco. I learned so much every time I leave Photoshop World and it had helped me tremendously with my photography business. I learned to streamline my workflow, faster post production and raw file conversion, and image enhancement.

Scott Kelby and his crew of knowledgeable instructors always put on a great event. Go to their website to get more details. Stay tuned and I will write more details regarding this event.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich visited the Screen Actors Guild today

Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate visited the Screen Actors Guild today and met up some of SAG's executives for a brief meet and greet. I was fortunate to be the designated photographer to cover the event. Here are some of the photos of the day.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yum Dom Cha, Sic Gor Bau

My good friend Robert Hom sent me the video below this morning. Pretty Rad. This is the first Chinese rapper that a major record label signed. He broke the stereotypical image of Asians as being only good at school, work, smart, un-interesting, not talent enough for the American public.

For some reason, I've always been proud that there are Chinese entertainers who can cross cultural boundaries and make it on the big screen. For example, John Lone, who starred in "The Last Emperor", and his not so prominent role as the head Chinese Mafia boss in "The Year of the Dragon". He spoke Chinese and English dialogue virtually without any accent. As far as I can remember, this is the first time an Asian actor who spoke perfect English was not directed to speak with an accent in a starring role. I really like that movie because it was filmed in NYC and it hit really close to "home" because I witnessed many of the things/events that movie depicted. I also remember the Chinese community was outraged at the time because that movie represented a very negative image in the Chinese Community. I on the other hand, could not agree more. I should know... I lived through it during my teenage years.