Sunday, October 28, 2007

Picked up my brand new Apple Mac Pro

Well, my new "baby" arrived home. We picked it up at the Apple Pasadena Store tonight right before they closed. Boy this computer is very heavy considering it's all aluminum.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SAG 75th Anniversary, Hollywood Star Walk of Fame

I just got back from photographing Screen Actors Guild receiving their Hollywood Star. All the past SAG presidents were there including current President Alan Rosenberg.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jennifer & Michael Macaranas E-Session

We spent the afternoon photographing Jennifer and Michael at the beach. We had so much fun getting wet and getting sand wedge onto our feet and leg, and most of all we captured the couple as they are... so very much in love with each other.

Jennifer and Michael were actually childhood friends back in Southeast Asia. They were next door neighbors. They separated when they immigrated to different cities in the US. Who would've thought that after years of separated as adults that they found each other 5 years ago. I guess it must be fate that they belong together. When love is "right" there's no fighting it. God bless to the both of you and we look forward to photographing your wedding day.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Teresa and Dean Engagement Session

Teresa and Dean have known each other for over 20 years. They were high school classmates. Love comes in full circle when they finally got together five years ago and found each other. Here are a few engagement photos (teasers, more to come) of the couple at the beach.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Al Gore is now a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient!

Wow, all I can say is wow! Even though I didn't share the same views as Al Gore, especially when he claimed that he invented the Internet. I'm truly a fan of his and he's definitely an inspiration to me regarding being persistent and having a true vision of what you want to achieve.

After he lost a very close presidential election to George Bush in 2000. Former Vice President Al Gore had won a Academy (Oscar) Award, an Emmy Award, and now a Nobel Peace Prize Award. He's the only person in history to do it all within the same year. Read the complete article in the NY Times website.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sherie's Farewell Party

Sherie Harding is one of my favorite people at SAG. She's funny, knowledgeable, loved by everyone, and not to mention quite a fast typist. Her typing speed rivals court reporters because she can type every word in verbatim of multiple people speaking in a meeting.

Here's a video of her and her friends in Residuals giving her a fond farewell. Gonna miss you much. Good luck at the "Dark Side"! :-)

Al Gore nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Monday, October 08, 2007

Epson Fiber Base Photo Paper

I’m often asked by many of my clients and friends… whether digital images photographed with a digital SLR is as good as to an equivalent film camera. Should we switch? Should we hire film photographers only? I usually say…”In my humble opinion, I believe the images produced by the current digital SLRs and Digital backs for medium format cameras are as good it not better than film cameras; Perhaps, with the exception of Black & White Photography.”

Of course, I’m a traditionalist with a bias opinion toward the traditional black & white photography process… the zone system, mixing my own developer to control the output of my prints, and finally printing on fiber base photo papers to produce a fine art, archival, gallery prints. I'm a big fan of Ansel Adams.

With the recent emergent of Epson Photo printers such as Stylus 2400, 3800, 4800 (now 4880), 7600, employing UltraChrome K3 archival ink which includes three levels of black and sets a new standard in fine art photography and black and white prints. I thought it was a good effort on Epson’s part to move the digital image concept closer to the traditional photography concept. However, digital photo papers were still lacking in fine art gallery quality.

Well it is until today, Epson made a press release of their latest creation… fiber base digital photo papers. They call it “Signature Worthy” Exhibition Fiber Paper. These papers are phenomenal. Scott Kelby already talked about this on his blog. To read more, click here to access Epson’s press release.

So now, I can surely say that digital photography is every bit as good as film photography. I can't wait get my paws on these digital photo papers and tryout some of my own black & white images.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Truckin' For Kids

Frank Pangburn is the mastermind behind Truckin' For Kids. It's a charity to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This is a picture of our booth. We are one of the many proud sponsors for this great cause and this great event.

Truckers from all over assembled at the Irwindale Raceway this weekend to show off their beautiful trucks. Every square inch of chrome was shined. Tires were buff to a beautiful sheen. And on Saturday night, every truck turned on their cool lights and we had a great time photographing the Light Show. On Sunday, the drag race was on. We provided still photography of the event and many came by our booth to purchase a photo or two to take home as a keepsake of their participation at this event. Many purchased our brand new product... a 20x30 image printed, stretched, and mounted on canvas. It has an archival life of over 100 years!

Come to this great event next year and view the spectacular and enormous trucks up close. It's for a great cause and you'll have fun with your whole family.

This is a photo of all the photos we took today in thumbnails posted on the side of our RV.