Friday, February 09, 2007

"Mighty" Mission Amigos District Dinner

I had the distinct pleasure, and honor in attending the Mission Amigos District Dinner tonight. :-)

I called Jack Pan, our District Executive, a couple of weeks ago, and he informed me that the dinner is now full and cannot add more people. I was a little disappointed because I was told by Ted Sakamoto, my mentor and friend, that I should attend because it will give good and positive PR to our district to attend the dinner and be recognized by everyone. It would also be nice for me to represent the district a positive light within the San Gabriel Valley Council. So, I told Jack, "not a problem", I was told that I should show up and said that I will just come during the beginning of the dinner to say hello to everyone. Besides I had another event to go to tonight because of Allen's Church is hosting their annual Valentine's Dance in Upland.