Thursday, November 08, 2007

Replacing the iPhone

I dropped my iPhone for the n!th factorial time last week, and now the on/off switch is jammed into the phone. My iPhone was enclosed in a InCase leather case and only 10% exposed and for some reason, invariably, that's the part the phone is dropped! It's now affecting the battery. It's going dead really fast. Once it's gone past half way point, I have perhaps, another 5-10 minutes of usage time before it's completely dead. BUMMER!

So, I scheduled a Mac Genius reservation at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store at the Grove. I waited patiently as my reservation had came and went, and now it's way pass my scheduled time. I'm beginning to be very annoyed, but I tried to stay calm as I need one of these Geniuses to assist me with the repair of my beloved iPhone.

When they finally called my name, which seems to be eternity, I popped onto one of the highchairs (barstool) and begin to tell my sob story to one of the Geniuses. He listened intently and feign a occasional concern to what I have to say... with "I understand", and "I see". So, I thought I can have it repair and perhaps have a functional iPhone once again. To my dismay, all he said was because it was dropped for the n! factorial time, and beyond the 30 days warranty, my only option is to purchase a new iPhone in exchange of my damage phone... for a nominal fee of $249 plus tax! Aargh! I don't want to drop another $250+ for a new iPhone when I already purchased it at $600+ and then within 2 months, the price dropped $200.

So, I went back to my office, and I used a very very tiny screwdriver and pry loosed the on/off switch. It's a little marred-up, but at least it's now functioning. Let's hope I don't drop it again. :-(

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