Sunday, November 04, 2007

I just added 4 more GB of memory to my new Mac Pro

Wow, it was so easy to install memory into my new Mac Pro. I came from the PC side of the computing world and I used to build computer "hot rods" as a hobby. I have never seen a computer with a tighter inside configuration than the Mac Pro. It has no cables, everything just snaps in directly to the motherboard and daughterboards. The most common upgrades are easily accessible.

The computer compartment door has one latch which requires no tools to open. The internal memory are separated into 2 daughterboards. Since I already have a pair of 512MB on the first daughterboard, I have to install the first pair of memory on the second daughterboard first. The heatsinks are "ginormous" on these memory module. I guess it gets really hot and it dicipates heat. All I needed to do is align the notch on the memory to match the socket on the daughterboard and snap in the 2 ends until it locks the memory in place. I repeated the second set on the first daughterboard. I was up and running within 2-3 minutes.

It now has a total of 5GB of memory.

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