Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finally, a headphone jack adapter for the iPhone

Ever since I got my iPhone, I've been looking for an adapter to the headphone jack so that I can use my Bose in ear headphone rather than the headphone that came with the iPhone. Frankly, that headphone really sucks and not very good high fidelity. Also, I've misplaced those headphones for the n!th time.

Initially, Belkin came out with an adapter for the price of $10, but it's so big, long, and rigid that it looks horrible with the iPhone. Not to mention, it doesn't have a mic, or on/off switch to use with the iPhone to make and receive calls.

Vodaphone also had a headphone which significantly better than the Apple headphones but it cost $100.

Finally, today while I was waiting patiently for a Mac Genius to fix my iPhone, I discovered on the shelf Monster had developed a iSoniTalk for the iPhone which cost $20. You can use your favorite headphones to listen to music and take calls on your iPhone. It has an easy one button operation to play/pause music, or asnwer/end a call. The intriguing design of this product is that the cable is equiped with clips to attach to the headphone wire so that it can act as a single unit. I really like this product and I found it to be a great substitution to the Apple headphones.

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