Saturday, July 14, 2007

Movie Review: "Ghost Rider"

Lan and I spent the afternoon watching DVDs and just 'kickin' back" and relax a little. We watched this horrible Nick Cage movie called "Ghost Rider".

It's no wonder it went practically straight to DVD rental because the acting was horrible, which is consistent to all Nick Cage movies with the exception of "The Rock" and "National Treasure". The story and the plot were lame. His character and outfit which mimick Evil Kenevil of the 70's were a joke. There hardly any action. Sam Shepherd as usual mumbled through every dialogue he had in the movie. If it weren't for the beautiful Eva Mendez, and the sinister Wes Bentley as the villain, I would have turned off the DVD player.

It's 4 thumbs way down because Lan hated it too.

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