Friday, July 13, 2007

I thought of returning my iPhone today!

Well, I was think about returning my iPhone today because today is not only Friday the 13th, it’s also the last day you can return your iPhone if you bought it on the first day (6/29) of the launch. Mmm… now that I think about it… do you think Apple purposely launch the iPhone purposely 2 weeks before Friday the 13th?

Well, initially I was ecstatic when I got the iPhone. (Read my previous posts regarding getting iPhone on 7/3). It was so cool having it in my hand and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) was so cool and never before seen in another PDA phone. I was really digging it so much that I was willing to overlook the “turtle-speed” AT&T Edge mobile service. However, the cool factor wore off pretty quickly as I found more and more annoying aspects of the iPhone listed below. The cool user interface and virtual voice mail is second to none. In fact, there are no other PDA phone can equal the iPhone’s “Coolness” factor.

  1. The AT&T Edge is way too slow for any real function for Internet use such as surfing the Web, retrieving emails, updating weather, updating stock market, streaming YouTube videos, and checking directions from the Maps module. Although if you can get to a WiFi hotspot such as Internet Café, your house, or your neighbor’s unsecured WiFi access, the iPhone becomes a much speedier Internet device. But really, most of us didn’t get the iPhone just so that we have to be near a WiFi hotspot.
  2. The virtual keyboard initially was pretty cool. Apple even has a video tutorial on it and it really got me sold on how smart the iPhone is initially. With the design of the virtual keyboard, it expanded the size of the screen. The keyboard is neatly “tucked away” when not in use and the entire real estate of the screen can be used for viewing video, movies, etc. However, the video is mis-leading. The accuracy of the keyboard is pretty low. In fact, during the 1st week, I had to type over and over again to get the right keys to register. As the weeks went on, my accuracy got better. Another draw back is that, I can’t type while driving, which is something I shouldn’t do anyway. However, if you live in LA like I do, traffic is pretty slow most of the time. I also have to type focusing on my fingers rather than the display which I’m not used to.
  3. No To Do or Task List – Can you believe it? I used to do lists and tasks lists all the time to remind me to do things with an annoying alarm. It will keep reminding me every 5 minutes until I’ve completed the task.
  4. Can’t directly Sync to Entourage (Mac version of Outlook) without using iCal, and Addressbook. The whole synching was a nightmare to begin with. Like most of you, I’ve been using a PDA for quite sometime, and I wanted to off load that information onto my iPhone. It was a monumental task to move it from my Outlook, to my Entourage, and then iPhone required the latest version of iCal, and iTunes to transfer data. At times, I wanted to chuck my iPhone out the window.
  5. Can’t copy and paste document – which is a major issue for me because I hate to re-type similar things or information from an email to a calendar event. Especially, I wasn’t that proficient with the new iPhone virtual keyboard.
  6. Can’t view websites created in Flash. At first, it would be so cool to use my iPhone to showcase my Flash driven website ( but I soon realized that it won’t work with Flash sites because they require a mouse pointer which the iPhone lacks.
  7. Can’t download files nor applications. Here’s a real good one for you… are you sitting down? I signed up for a iPhone workshop after I got the iPhone with a local Apple Retail store. They sent me an email confirmation to my iPhone mail program. The email says to click here to add to my Calendar, so that it will remind me when my workshop appointment is near. Guess what, it can’t do it because it can’t download a file to add to my Calendar. Please bear in mind that I’m working with all Apple products and software and it’s not even compatible!
  8. Can’t use mp3 files you own or purchased from iTunes as ringtones, The preloaded ringtones are a little on the “weak” side.
  9. Battery life is horrible. I have to charge it every night otherwise, it would not last me for the whole day. Worse, the battery is embedded into the phone. Therefore, you can’t replace the battery or bring an extra battery. In fact, after a number of hours of usage, you must return your iPhone to Apple and have it serviced and have the battery replaced.
  10. It has a notebook, but it doesn’t sync with Memo, Notepad, etc. I keep many of my passwords to websites sign on my Memo module. I can’t use it with my iPhone.
  11. The headphone that comes with the phone is not so good. Because of the phone jack, it’s so narrow that any third party headphones such as the Bose headphones are not compatible with the iPhone phone jack.
  12. It needs more storage other than 8 GB since the OS takes up 900MB.
Summary: The iPhone is a great iPod/Phone combination... second to none. However, as a PDA phone it still has a lot of room for improvement. You're better off with the Blackberry Curve, Treo 700p, or the Samsung Blackjack phone if you need a PDA phone.

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