Saturday, December 01, 2007

HKSAF Christmas Ball 2007

Hong Kong Schools Alumni Federation hosted their annual fund raising Christmas Ball tonight at the brand new San Gabriel Hilton Hotel. I was invited to photograph the event. Since this is a fund raiser and for a good cause, I volunteered my service for this event.

HKSAF is a non-profit organization consists of various alumni schools and organizations in Southern California. Their main effort every year at the Christmas Ball is to raise scholarship funds for needy students in Hong Kong to study abroad. Everyone usually have a great time at the ball getting dressed up and meeting old and new friends.

This year, HKSAF invited (hired) Sum Sum, and Ban Ban (sisters) to perform and entertain the crowd. When I was just a little kid in Hong Kong, I used to watch Sum Sum every night. She used to do an evening variety show called "Enjoy Yourself Tonight". She also used to do a TV commercial for TV Guide stating it sells for only "$0.30". Everyone used to imitate her. Wow, that was almost 40 years ago. (shuddup, I know I'm dating myself) Here are some of the highlight photos of the evening plus some personal ones with Lan and her mom.

If you're an alumni from Hong Kong, please visit HKSAF for more information regarding membership application. They also welcome any amount of donation regardless you're an alumni from Hong Kong or not.

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