Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's My Birthday!

It's my Birthday today! Yea! I had a great morning with Lan and then I went to work. My Mom called me at around 10AM, then my sister Yvonne called around 12PM, and lastly my brother Simon called me. Now, that was a pleasant surprise. I have not seen nor heard from him since Christmas.

My Birthday dinner is postponed because Lan had to work late tonight. It's ok, I don't really mind. Her career is more important, and besides, we can always have dinner another night. I did however bought my own birthday cake so that I can bring it to Mom's house and celebrate with her. Lan surprised me by skipping work early and came home at 9PM to cut cake with me and my Mom. She even brought me a dozen of roses. :-)

I have to admit that I was not taking my birthday well considering I getting older and recently I realized that I may need bifocals or reading glasses. I had to remove my glasses and basically put to book right up against my nose to read it. I can always push the book further away, but recently I found my arm is not long enough. Of course, my barber had to tell me that my head is now filled with grey hair when I got my haircut yesterday. He's been cutting my hair for the past 10 years or so. He told me that he remembers the gradual change of my hair. Gee Thanks alot Steve!! I love the guy though. Vinh's haircuts is a great place to cut hair. It's only $12 with tips it's no more than $15. If you want an appointment cut is only $20.

When I got home from Mom's, I fell right to sleep at midnight right after my birthday ended. I guess I slept like a baby. :-)

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