Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dinner with my old Friends in NYC

Tonight, I organized a dinner with all my friends from my graduating class. I've been trying to do that via the email for the past 2 months. I'm a little disappointed that only a handful of people and it's the same people I hang around with attended the dinner. I guess not everyone is as nostalgic as me. I have to say that many had schedule conflicts but most didn't even reply my emails. Even Ben Kong who's now a pastor at a church in Queens which I Googled. Decidely find it too cumbersome to drive out to Manhattan to see old friends which he as not seen at least 15-20years. And me, I have not seen him since graudation which is 25 years! Anyways, I'm ok with it.

The other disappointing thing is that my favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy SPQR is closed tonight for a private party. It's the same restaurant we went to as a big group prior to us going our separate ways 25 years ago. It's our last meeting as a group as a whole. I was hoping to have dinner there. But, I found a quaint little restaurant "Casa Bella" down the street. The food was just as delicious and I had a canoli for dessert.

Here's a picture of me and Jack. He married Chris after high school. He didn't go to Tech but I grew up with him. He used to be everyone's big bro. He used to be taller than me too. So, I'm not sure how I grew several inches taller than him. :-)

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